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Selecting an Executive Business School

Most students tend to choose the business school with the best reputation – in other words, most ‘A’ grade business schools and which have the highest ratings. In terms of overall value, this is obviously a good thing. However, the course must suit you in all the above-mentioned respects or you might not be able to finish it. Dropping out because it is no longer affordable is also not very helpful. So choose wisely and poll all the options open to you before you make a final choice of business school programs to pursue.

There are many factors that you should consider while selecting a business school:

• Is it affordable? – The higher the ranking of the business school, the higher the fees will be.

• What are my chances of selection? – Go through some of the business school’s previous entrance examination papers and determine how prepared you are for its standards of entry.

• How would it affect my personal life? – Attending a particular business school may mean that you have to leave your hometown. You may lose touch with your friends or valuable contacts. If you are married, this could be very significant.

• What are my career goals? – The business school’s syllabus will tell you whether you really need to learn it all. There is little point in becoming proficient in skills and acquiring knowledge you may never need.

If you will launch your career only after completing business school, choose the one with the highest rate of job placements. Decide what you are looking for. Make a clear set of career goals. Assess your financial capabilities. Afterwards, shortlist the business schools you are most interested in and visit them personally. Do not depend on rankings alone – they may not be accurate. You must feel comfortable in its environment. Ensure that there is no discrimination on color, creed or gender. Calculate your chances of completing your chosen course there successfully.

Choosing the right business school for you is a matter of extensive research. The time you spend doing this research is a very worthwhile investment, so do not take shortcuts. Especially, if choosing an MBA programme. 

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