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Distance Learning Is Beneficial For All

In the life of our own all of us are having lots of necessities in which the basic needs of bread, clothing and dwelling are the most important one for all of us apart from these basic needs there are various other sorts things as well which are having an important role of their own in the life of ours and without these the life of ours seems incomplete and among all of them education is the most important thing. But as because of various sorts of circumstances most of the peoples leave their education in between and along with these types of people there are various other peoples as well who weren’t able to attend classes regulary in colleges because of their busy life full of various works and responsibilities.


The alternative option of the regular college education is now available in the form of distance learning which is boon for those people who could not complete their education as because of any sort of reason. The option of distance learning is available in various different forms such as correspondence through postal system, course material on CD, web conferencing and online courses and classes. For creating the classroom atmosphere a classroom of any college is used for this and the students had been given text books and they interact with the professors through video conferencing for attending the lectures and to do discussion over any matter, along with this there is an other option for the students who could not attend the classes they can download the lectures from the internet.

Earlier, before the advent of internet the distance learning is done through correspondence via the postal system and further through CD and DVD discs in which the lectures of the professors are recorded and along with it other important things which are necessary for the students. Taking the examinations of the distance learning students is a big challenge as if the student give exam from its own home he could help from the books or from any one else even if he gives it online, there fore for solving this problem the examinations were held in colleges for prevention of the cheating.

The facility of distance learning is very lucrative for those who had not completed their education earlier and as well as for those too who are not able to complete their education at present, without doing any sort of adjustments in the daily life of own anyone could complete its own education.

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