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The Financial Cost of University

Deciding to go to the university can be one of the biggest decisions someone makes in their life. It is as important and choosing your spouse or whether to buy your first home, or often more important.

The biggest consideration most students have is about how many years it will take to pay back the entire debt. This in many cases depends on what your chosen field of study is, or to which university you are attending. If it is an elite Ivy League school, your chances in the jobs market are much stronger.

So if you have just graduated with a 1st class degree in Law from Standford, then your chances of paying back the tuition fees fairly quickly are very high. On the other hand if you graduated with a philosophy degree from a lesser known or less prestigious university, you might have a harder time to find a ‘graduate’ job. If afterwards you work in starbucks for $9/hour, it will be a very long  time until you pay of that mountain of student debt. Before you are enrolled, do your own research. Make sure you have the best private student loans for College or University.

Another option could be to move abroad to a county which has subsidised university such as Scandinavia or Holland. The USA is notoriously bad for it’s price of tuition fees as is the UK, which recently increase the fees above £9000 per year.

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