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The Financial Cost of University

Deciding to go to the university can be one of the biggest decisions someone makes in their life. It is as important and choosing your spouse or whether to buy your first home, or often more important. The biggest consideration most students have is about how many years it will take to pay back the entire debt. This in many cases depends on what your chosen field of study is, …Read More

Education: Stair To Job

In the life of his own every person had several sorts of necessities which are related with the day to day life of the peoples and for the completion of these either one has to do a job or the another option is to carryout a business and in between both of these money making options, the option of doing a business is not possible for all as in it …Read More

Distance Learning Is Beneficial For All

In the life of our own all of us are having lots of necessities in which the basic needs of bread, clothing and dwelling are the most important one for all of us apart from these basic needs there are various other sorts things as well which are having an important role of their own in the life of ours and without these the life of ours seems incomplete and …Read More

Selecting an Executive Business School

Most students tend to choose the business school with the best reputation – in other words, most ‘A’ grade business schools and which have the highest ratings. In terms of overall value, this is obviously a good thing. However, the course must suit you in all the above-mentioned respects or you might not be able to finish it. Dropping out because it is no longer affordable is also not very helpful. So …Read More


The Government has reduced postgraduate funding for arts and humanities. What is the immediate and immanently recognisable effect of this? More students forced to take their postgraduate degrees part time. But what may not be fully understood yet is the full extent of the detrimental effect this will have on poorer students who want to continue their studies. It might be assumed by most that although much has been cut, …Read More

The top executive programmes in Holland

There is no better way of learning than being directly in contact with like-minded professionals. This is why executive higher education programs have become popular for professionals who want to take their education to the next level. The Netherlands has become a popular choice for people seeking higher education as English is widely spoken and the country has good links with the rest of Europe.  Naturally, people want to go …Read More

Gove’s education reforms won’t work!

Michael Gove recently retreated on certain key aspects of his planned reforms of GCSEs in England and Wales. The Ebacc and the elimination of exam board competition are no longer going to happen. As far as the former goes, it would not have mattered, since the effects would have been negligible. But the latter was essential, and without it, his education reforms are doomed to failure. The idea, firstly, that …Read More

Introduction of GPA grading system in UK would bury failure under a mountain of numbers and procedures

In a recent article on the Times Higher Education Supplement’s website – View it here – it is mentioned both that Russell Group Universities wish to introduce and that the NUS have voted against an American-style grade point average system. An accurate description of what this system entails or how it works would take up far too many words here; indeed, one could write a book. Its complexity, however, is …Read More