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Message from the Director, Father Fontana

Over the years many people have asked me why I decided to become a priest. I think the one word that best describes my vocation as a priest is “mystery.” I have always been amazed at the mystery of God. I can remember as a young boy thinking about what God is like. Even as an adult and a priest I still think about what God is like and I don’t think that I’m any closer to the mystery of God than I was as an adolescent. But, that doesn’t discourage me. In fact, it encourages me to grow closer in my relationship with him.

God’s call is a mystery too! The Lord doesn’t send us a memorandum from his office telling us what he wants us to do. Instead he communicates with us using common means to let us know that he is calling us to a Church vocation. For instance, he uses creation, especially other people to communicate his will in our lives. When I was a teenager a family member told me that I would become a priest.

God is still calling men and women to the priesthood and religious life. How he is doing that is a mystery. Do you know someone who would make a good priest or religious sister? If so, you ought to tell that person so that when God unravels the mystery you just might see that you were included the whole time.

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